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Here's what you'll get on this email list. These specific topics based on your selection:
  1. Open Source Software! -> Whatever projects I've started, am contributing to, or otherwise that you might find interesting in using, contributing to, or working together on also.  [Open Source Projects Only & All The Things]
  2. Events; Confs, Meetups, Etc! -> I've got a meetup group, which is for things I coordinate directly and generally just for smaller-ish groups here. If you'd like to keep up with that AND additional events like .NET Fringe, Node PDX, ML4ALL (Machine Learning 4 All!), or other conferences that I'm organizing, will be speaking at, or otherwise involved in, this is the newsletter to find out about those. [Events Only & All The Things]
  3. Workshops & Training -> I'll also have all the workshops I'm putting together in the Seattle, Portland, or other cities detailed here first! In addition, I'll have information about any other training material I publish as an author detailed here. [Events Only & All The Things]
  4. Any videos, media, or other content I put together will also be sent out via this list (and on the blog). If you only want videos and such and don't want to know about the other details then skip this list and just *follow* the blog RSS, or email subscription that is specifically for the blog. [All The Things]
  5. Anywhere some metal art, music, or other things crossover with tech I'll also add that to this email and let everybody know about the awesome that it is! [All The Things]
Cheers, hope you enjoy Thrashing Code News!
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